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S-33 Gearcase Filler Replacement Parts


Pump and Pump Parts

Part No. Description List Dealer
33P Pump, complete $111.25 $89.00
12V Umbrella Valve $3.75 $3.00
12L Pump Cup $2.50 $2.00
33G * Cover Gasket, "square" ring $5.00 $4.00
33GO * Cover Gasket, O-Ring $13.75 $11.00

  * 33G was used until mid-2003, later models require 33GO. Not interchangeable.

35-054 Cover Assembly   (order 33GO separately if needed) $27.50 $22.00
35-043 Handle $11.25 $9.00

Hose Assembly and Parts

Part No. Description List Dealer
33HA Hose Assembly complete (can also be used on older tanks) $86.26 $69.00
33T 3/8-16 Tip (Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury) $6.25 $5.00
32-112 Ball Valve (includes male hose barb to replace female on earlier assemblies) $18.75 $15.00
32-126 Hose Barb (tank end of hose) $3.75 $3.00
33-021 Hose, price per foot $3.75 $3.00
32-130 Coupler (female half of quick disconnect) $21.25 $17.00
32-131 Nipple (male half of quick disconnect) $23.75 $19.00

The quick disconnect has been upgraded. For replacements, first identify your version from the following photo.

If you have the older version and want to replace either the nipple (male half) or coupler (female half),
you will need both the 32-130 and 32-131.

With the current version, either half, 32-130 or 32-131 can be replaced individually.

123K Seal Kit for past and present fillers List $21.25  Dealer $17.00
The 123K has some parts for all of our fillers. If you can't find a model number on your filler, go by color: S-12 Yellow, S-22 Burgundy, S-32 Silver, S-33 Black. If you need other parts, give us a call. Kit contains the following:
Part No. Qty Description Used on
S-12 S-22 S-32 S-33
12L 2 Pump Cup x x x x
12V 2 Pump Valve x x x x
22G 2 Gasket   x x  
33G 1 Gasket       x
34-024 6 O-Ring x x x x
34-065 2 O-Ring x x x  


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            Updated 3 March 2018