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Gearcase Testers, Filler

S-34 Gearcase Pressure Tester
Pressure test outboard and sterndrive gearcases with the S-34. Tests should be made during lube operations and following gearcase repairs. Simply pressurize and observe gauge for any leakage. Fitted with standard 3/8-16 vent plug thread. Adaptors are available for all other threads.

List $138.75  Dealer $111.00

Gearcase Adaptors

Pressure Tester Parts S-34 Instructions

V-34 Gearcase Vacuum Tester
Similar to the S-34 in appearance and operation, the V-34 tests for leakage in the opposite direction. Seals that hold pressure can still allow water to enter the gearcase. The V-34 checks for inward leakage.

List $140.00  Dealer $112.00


Gearcase Adaptors

Vacuum Tester Parts V-34 Instructions

S-33 Gearcase Filler
The indispensable dispenser!
  • This timesaver consists of a 3 gallon tank, pump and quick-disconnect hose assembly
  • Pump pressurizes tank so there's no need to pump while filling
  • Quick-disconnect feature shuts off both sides when uncoupled so tip serves as a plug while vent plug is reinstalled
  • From full flow to closed with a quarter turn ball valve
  • Heavy duty steel tank is triple epoxy coated
  • All seals are of viton to withstand caustic synthetics
  • Comes with standard 3/8 - 16 fitting for Mercury, Johnson and Evinrude.
  • Adaptors available for all other gearcases.
List $247.50  Dealer $198.00

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         Updated 1/4/16