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Digital Multimeter Accessories

PC2 Test Clips
Convert standard test prods to clips. High quality clips and flexible wires help prevent prod from leveraging clip off of test point.         Set of 2   
List $8.75      Dealer $7.00

PVA-1  Peak Voltage/DVA Adaptor
Plug directly into any of our digital multimeters or other quality DMM to read Peak Voltage or DVA. Your DMM test leads plug into the PVA-1 so there is no need to carry, store and untangle another set of leads. Nor will you need to replace an entire adaptor when the leads wear out. Our exclusive Low Volt Option eliminates misleading Sensor/Trigger readings.
Approx Dim 2.75 x 2 x 1.25 in.
List $71.25      Dealer $57.00

TL2 Test Leads
Replacement Test Leads for Digital Multimeters. High quality, flexible wire. Fits ours and other standard multimeters (Fluke etc.)   Approx length 4 ft.
List $20.00      Dealer $16.00

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    Updated 3 March 2018