Phone 847 336 9375

111 Greenwood Avenue     Waukegan, IL 60087



  • Call us at 847-336-9375 Monday through Friday 8:00 to 4:00 central time
  • Use our shopping cart (click the "Add to Cart" buttons by the items you want)
  • Fax 847-662-6808
Who is eligible for Dealer Prices?
  All professionals, including the following:
    Full time service shops
    Mobile Marine Services
    Technicians working for the above
    Government agencies
    Tech schools and students
Who are List Prices for?
Individuals working on their own engines, friends engines, etc., i.e. those not listed above. Please note that our shopping cart will display only Dealer Pricing, which we will convert to List Prices when the order is received.
Where do you ship?
  Only within the United States. For Canada use the following:
    DES - Canada
    4830 Cousens St
    St Laurent, Quebec H4S 1X7
    Phone 866 868 3372



Updated 5 March 2018