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Timing Lights




ST-82 ST-83 ST-84 ST-85 ST-86 ST-87
  Timing Light


x x x x x x
  Flash over 10,000 RPM x x x x x x x
  Tachometer       x x x x
  Dial Advance   x x        
  Digital Advance       x x x  
  Self Powered     x   x   x
  Rechargeable     x   x   x
  % Dwell           x  
  DC Volts           x  


  Be sure to check out the ST-83,-85 & -87 Self Powered Rechargeable Timing Lights!


All of our Lights are by Ferret Instruments, the finest available. Features include
  • Rugged construction for shop use
  • Heat & solvent resistant inductive pickups which discriminate between spark pulses and noise
  • Single or dual firing systems - no adaptors
  • Patented Eluminator optics provide several times the brightness of other lights
  • Flash well over 10,000 RPM
  • Two year factory warranty with 5 years on flashtube

ST-80 Basic Timing Light pictured above List $122.50  Dealer $98.00

ST-82 Dial Advance Timing Light

All the basic features plus Dial Advance with degree markings for 2 & 4 stroke.

List $158.75  Dealer $127.00


ST-83 Self Powered, Rechargeable Dial Advance Timing Light

The ST-83 is a rechargeable dial advance timing light ideal for high performance engine timing advance measurements. The large calibrated 60o dial provides 1.5o accuracy and easy operation. Can be used on distributorless, distributor, multistrike, and marine ignition systems.

The unique RPM LED aids in timing measurements by indicating the approximate test RPM. Simply turn the indicator knob until the LED in the upper right hand corner is blinking and multiply by 100. If the indicator knob is pointing at 15, the engine is running at 1,500 RPM.

A trigger Event indicator is located on the upper left hand corner of the back panel. It will flash whenever a spark event is detected. Use the indicator to ensure you have a good spark pickup signal.

An LED on the lower left corner of the back panel indicates low battery.

The ST-83 includes a molded storage case, detachable spark pickup, charger and instruction manual.



List $268.75  Dealer $215.00


ST-84 Digital Tach/Advance Timing Light
Two instruments in one. Time engines without carrying separate Tach and Timing Light. One tactile switch on rear panel chooses Tach or Light and 2 or 4 cycle. Inductive pickup lead disconnects for easy replacement.

Includes 35-050 protective carrying case.

List $280.00   Dealer $224.00


ST-85 Self Powered, Rechargeable Digital Tach/Advance Timing Light
The ST-85 is a rechargeable digital timing light/tachometer ideal for high performance engine timing advance measurements.

Digital display shows RPM or advance. Can be used on distributorless, distributor, multistrike and marine ignition systems.

Advance buttons on the handle are used to "move the mark" to zero allowing for accurate timing measurements. Use the 2S/4S button to select between 2 stroke and 4 stroke ignitions. The RPM/Advance button is used to toggle the display between RPM and timing advance.

Includes protective carrying case, detachable spark pickup, charger and instruction manual.

List $350.00   Dealer $280.00


ST-86 Digital Tach/Dwell/Advance Timing Light       (not pictured)       
All the features of the ST-84 plus Percent Dwell and DC Volts List $341.25  Dealer $273.00

ST-87 Self Powered, Rechargeable Digital Tach/Timing Light       (not pictured)       
Just like the 85 except no advance. Save a bit if you don't need advance.               

List $345.00    Dealer $276.00


35-050 Hard Case For Timing Lights        (included with ST-83, 84, 85, 86 & 87)
Molded case protects timing light, holds manual & leads.

List $25.00  Dealer $20.00


84PR Replacement Inductive Pickup  for all timing lights

List 70.00  Dealer $56.00


84X Extension for 84PR Inductive Pickup, 8 feet

List $25.00  Dealer $20.00


Updated 1/1/15